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Obituary of Danny BURNS


It is with great sadness and heartbreak to announce the passing of Danny Burns (Bulldog), born August 28th, 1952. Danny passed away peacefully with his wife Moira, by his side, and at home, on August 27th, 2019.

Danny was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario before settling down in Victoria, British Columbia in 1976. Danny is predeceased by his parents, Rita and Cecil Burns.  Danny leaves behind his good friend and brother Robert (Chris), sister Linda, nephews, Jesse, Jeremiah, Ross, Michael and nieces, Darlene and Sonja and their families.  He also leaves five great nieces and nephews.  Danny loved all of you very much and will remain close to your hearts!

After 34 years of friendship, love and 25 years of marriage, Danny leaves behind his loving partner, friend and wife, Moira.  Mother in-law, Margaret, father in-law, Larry whom are very saddened to say farewell to a special person that they have loved dearly and consider their son.  Brother in-law, John (Rosa Mae), brother in-law Shawn (Monique), sister in-law, Elizabeth and three nieces and nephews, Christian, Patrick and Janelle.  We are all heartbroken and will miss Danny dearly but will always remember our husband, brother and son-in law and how much he completed our family and made us all laugh and smile.  Danny was truly loved and will be missed by all of us.  Our memories will live on in our hearts and in Danny’s spirit.  May peace be with you, my dear sweet Danny!

Danny touched the lives of many people from the young to the elderly.  Danny had a very special gift as a human being; he was kind, thoughtful, generous, gave more than he ever took, or asked for, and was there for anyone, if they should ask.  Danny was a very humble man and he asked for very little but where ever he went in life, people were attracted to him, not only by his good looks but mostly because of his beautiful heart and care for others.  Danny was adopted by many families over the years and we both became a part of their families.  Danny had many special friends, whom he shared a long-devoted history and bond with over his 66 years of life.  These special friendships and bonds continue on each year where the guys originally got together for a football tournament but have now resorted to a golf tournament.  This September is the 40th year reunion and Danny will be there in spirit, along with his buddies in the spiritual world. The friends in the spiritual world will protect him now and guide him through his next journey.  Have fun Guys and happy 40 years of a wonderful friendship with each other!

Danny came to Victoria BC in 1974, on a road trip vacation that never ended and he started his new life then on the West Coast which is a place he always loved, wanted to be and was super passionate about its beauty.  He respected the land and the Sea and always told me the Sea was the boss and you don’t mess with the Sea.  This respect for the ocean made him a good fisherman as he always said, it had more power than he.  Danny found his niche as a commercial fisherman for 35 years on the West Coast of Vancouver Island where he fished halibut, herring and salmon on the Pacific Carouser and Hot Pursuit.  He shared a special bond and working relationship for 35 of those years with his friend Johnny Petrie.  Danny could fix anything and sometimes without a tool.  Danny had the creative ability to make something out of nothing in order to keep the boat working and running.  Another special gift he was able to provide as he was quick to think and could manage any serious or concerning situation at Sea and was able to keep his crew safe while improvising a situation until a proper fix could be made. This is a unique and rare attribute that he shared and learned with his buddy Johnny and deckhand Sean, all whom shared safe and many enjoyable years together on the Sea.  Danny will remain in spirit with all his buddies at Sea and remain in the hearts of the one’s left in this world and on land.  In all of the 35 years of working together Johnny and Danny never had a fight with each other.  A unique bond in its self and special friendship!  Ahoy Captain!

Danny met his wife Moira in 1985 and they shared a beautiful friendship and deep love for each other and were married in 1994.  This love will live on forever in our hearts and I feel truly honoured to have been Danny’s wife and friend throughout these years.  We shared many good times together and developed a variety of relationships together weather it was with our baseball family, golf family, football family, fishing/camping family or whether it was spending time with family or just Danny and I.  In addition to fishing, Danny lived life to the fullest and enjoyed a variety of interests such as carpentry, renovating, history, all sports, tiddling around the house, camping, family gatherings or just hanging out with Me.  His love for music was vast and regularly would sing lyrics to all his favourite music.  There was rarely a day when I would come home from work and his favourite band “Pink Floyd” was usually blaring.  He loved his music and air guitar!  During the summer, we spent a lot of time floating around Elk Lake or Lake Cowichan on our air mattresses, boating/fishing at Saratoga Beach on the west coast with our friends.  Any where near water was our happy place with friends and this is why Danny never left the west coast and spent his working career on the water.  It didn’t’ matter where Danny and I went or what we did just as long as we were able to do it together; we were happy.  We lived a simple live together and any road trip was a fun road trip with Danny.  Sometimes, we didn’t even know where we were going but that is what made it fun and interesting. Danny’s zest for live and people made it fun!

Although, Danny and I never had children, we lived our lives vicariously via our friends and their children. Danny and I would sit back often and talk about how wonderful all our friend’s kids are.  We would discuss how great these kids are mostly because of how wonderful their parents are.  Danny developed many special bonds with his friend’s children and nicknamed many of them. Know how much he cared for all of you and don’t forget the 50/50 deals he made with you for when you become, if not already, successful in your own lives.  Remember, he always wanted a cut on your successes.  Always remember his words, “be nice or no one will like yah”, remember all the smiles and laughter he insisted you have and don’t forget that he always had candy for you, “Dan, Dan, the candy man!”

May we all continue to go through life and lead by Danny’s “simple” example of being kind to one another, without any judgment towards others, remain humble and give more than we take.  Danny never stopped giving this beautiful special gift of his to me, his family and to his friends.  Danny’s legacy and teachings will live on in the human world.  To all the special kids (now adults) in Danny’s life, remember his love and laughs and try to lead by his examples of just being kind.  Danny had a special bond with his niece, Darlene and this bond was developed in the first 4 years of her life and when he lived with her and his sister.  This special bond never ended between Danny and Darlene and he cherished it very much. Thank you Danny (Bulldog) for all of your love and for teaching us how to love one another.  Your love was free and you were easy to love!

Danny did not want to die nor was he ready to die but after a short battle with an aggressive esophageal cancer, his body gave in to the disease after a strong willed, determined and relentless fight.  Danny has honoured his long-known nickname as the “Bulldog” and definitely earned this title right until the very end of his life.  Danny’s (Bulldog) will, strength and determination to live never ended and I truly believe it was because of his deep love for me and for all of his friends and family.  The “Bulldog” will live on forever in our hearts and holds the title!   

Danny loved food and he loved to buy food, catch it, cook it and eat it.  Because of his cancer, this became a huge part of his sufferings and it was super difficult to not be able to have what you enjoyed so much in life which was food.  This part of the illness was a challenge and was an unnecessary suffering put upon Danny; however, his pride and dignity was always at the fore front until the very end and with minimal complaint.  Simply, because of his character and his style as a human being and not wanting others to really know what he was going through, including me.  It was unkind and undeserving and I know in time, memories of Danny’s sufferings will pass and the blessing is; he no longer has to suffer.  Danny did not want to leave me or this world and he did not want to say good bye to anyone, especially his family and close friends.  Danny did it in his own way and the best way he could as he truly was not ready to die or leave this world.  No one will ever know what he was facing as he said to me so many times, “I had no idea what it was like for him”.  This I always acknowledged and agreed but really did not understand what it felt like for him or what he was facing but in reflection, he was processing it in his own way and on his own terms. Well Done, my friend!

Although, I miss Danny terribly already, I do feel he is at peace and hopefully in a better place. The good memories of our life together will flourish and always remain.  I am so grateful for Danny’s love, loyalty, humanity, teachings, wisdom, class, style, honesty, humbleness, endless care and forgiveness towards me but most of all for choosing me as his life long partner in life.  I have lost my best friend and wonderful husband and confidant but feel so privileged that we found each other and for me personally, at such a young age (20).  How lucky was I?  Everyone loved my Danny and for him to pick me to be his wife and best friend has been an incredible experience, honour and the best part of my life.  His love for me and me for him was special.  It is a rare find, this love but I got it and shared it with one of the most beautiful men in the world.  My life is already complete just by having Danny in it.  Not too many people get this; some never meet the one true love throughout their whole life.  I will never take for granted my life with Danny and I will always feel blessed and totally lucky that I got my guy and he got his gal.  Hang onto your true loves forever and never let them go! 

Danny’s fight for his life finally ended in peace which is what we both hoped for and I truly believe that this did eventually occur as our last moments together were very precious and this is what I will always remember in order to carry on without my beautiful friend, husband and loyal confidant.  His wish was to pass away at home, with me and in peace and I know this is how it ended.  My sweet Danny’s heart will always be with me and mine with his.  Danny’s sole and spirit will remain in our world and the spiritual world.  He is guided now by his mother and many best friends that have since past to guide him to a better place where he will know no longer suffer.  I miss you already, my love and my heart aches but I know you can be at peace now.  Thank you for such a wonderful love and being in my life! 

I want to thank all the families and friends that have given endless support to Danny and I throughout the years.  In particular:  The Adie’s, MacDonald’s, Coles, Spriggs, Ogden’s, Fountain family and our baseball family. Although there are so many family and friends to thank, I just wanted to send out a special thank you and appreciation for all the things you have done for us.  Our neighbours for always feeding me and supporting us.  I/we are forever grateful, Thank you!

A very special thank you to Victoria Hospice doctors and palliative response team (PRT), whom were finally able to get Danny home and comfortable.  To our friend and Danny’s doctor, Dr. Woodburn (Go Tiger Cats!) whom never stopped caring or trying to get Danny the proper help and who was always available to me/us via a phone call or a text.  You are an incredible doctor and a special person just like Danny. Thank you so much and you will always be in our hearts!

Danny and I never said good-bye in our house as we both felt the words were too final.  So, we only ever said, “See yah later”.  So, on this note, I will say, “See yah later Danny”! I love you and I will always miss you!  Thanks for being such a beautiful, loving, special person and making me a huge part of your life and picking me as your wife.  Sweet Dreams My Love!!

 A celebration of Danny’s life will be held on Saturday, October 12that the Gorge Vale Golf Course, between 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. 1005 Craigflower Road, Victoria BC. In Danny’s honour, please make donations to the Victoria Hospice for their unbelievable support and compassionate care.  


Celebration of Life

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Saturday, October 12, 2019
Gorge Vale Golf Course
1005 Craigflower Rd
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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