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Obituary of Judy SCHULZ

Judy Schulz/Judy Mould
January 27, 1948 – June 21, 2019

Judy’s life was as real as it gets

More than she ever knew – Judy made a difference
She truly mattered
She left this world not knowing her greatness
We can only hope she knows that now

Her Dad and Mom lived on through her
She loved them dearly
And her whole family – each and every one
And her sense of place in Saskatchewan
Where roots made her the wonderful person she was
Farm girl wholesomeness
Infectious everywhere - even in the big city

She gardened with incredible passion
Not for the beauty but because it brought life
And she lived the same way – with heart

She loved Pere Murray of Notre Dame
She often said he gave her a chance
He also gave her a special chair - with arms
Arms meant to wrap around the soul - for comfort
She dragged it to every primary classroom she taught
For the kids when they were sad and lonely
A gift she paid forward her whole life

This free spirit is now truly free
But she will always be in our lives
Whenever we laugh, or have Cheezies
Or hear good jazz or see a baby grin
Or give puppies kisses on the noses
Or hug, or go for sushi – she will be there
She made us all feel so special and loved
She is family.  She will be always

Judy walked 10 miles a day
And knew every puppy dog’s name along the way
Puppy dogs adored her
They know where love and kindness abounds

She changed little lives
One child at a time
With beliefs not opinions
With love not lectures
She did it to put “power in the blood”
Of every single child
So they could have a better chance
They’re grown now
And they remember

She was rejected for jury duty twice
Told the judge the accused just needed another chance
She knew there was no such thing
As an insignificant act of kindness

And the doctor who gave her the bad news
She even tried to make him feel better
He didn’t know what to do with that
But I doubt he’ll ever forget her

She loved Blue Zones
And Costa Rican fishing villages
Because they’re wholesome
Because they’re proud of the right things
Because their smile is genuine
And because their babies grinned so freely
Well, Judy made those little grins appear

Whether dancing around the kitchen
Or wiping a tiny bum
She shone like no other
You just had to meet her once
To see that she was rare

A little bit of Judy stays behind
In every one of us she touched
And a little bit of each of us goes with her
Because she let us in so freely

If there ever was a life to celebrate
Judy’s presence among us was it
And celebrate Judy we will
When the time is right - we’ll let you know
For now she just asks
That you say a prayer for her
If you’re into that
And don’t forget to live the dream

Soulmates we were and always will be
I sat in her chair to pull this together
She always wanted Good Vibes only
And they were there
These words fall very short – but they try

Donations in Judy’s memory?
Disadvantaged children
Animal rescue
Victoria Hospice

Or Your Choice – they all count – she knows that



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