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Obituary of Jonathan Arnold BENNETTS

Writer, Singer and Poet

Our dear and beloved Jonathan Bennetts , died at the age of 81, on Saturday, December 22nd, 2018.

He was a timeless being, ageless!  A spirit as vast as the sky and as deep as any ocean.

He loved Life so fiercely.  He lived hard and daring, loving challenge and proving a Supermanish sort of quality.   It did cost him, yet for Jonathan the quality of life won well  over the quantity.

There is so much to say about who he has been, what motivated him, what made him a truly One of a Kind person.

*We will be saving those stories, the music, dancing and Love for him, when the time comes for a Celebration of Life!  That is what he asked for ~ that is what we shall have.

Jonathan was very ill with fourth stage COPD, he had an exacerbation a week ago and was in hospital to receive treatment and 'safety', and was to be coming home as soon as he was a bit bettter.    He had been improving.   

This would have been the natural order of things, however, due to unspeakable and unbelievable negligence and lack of care on that particular floor in the hospital ~ Jonathan's life was cut short, unexpectedly and shockingly.

For minimal detail you can see my page: Linda Rauch on facebook ~ just so you have some idea of beautiful Jonathan's passing.

Jonathan leaves behind his dear twin brother, Ian ~ myself, his dearest friend and soulmate as he called me, his beloved Verushka, his new loving, supportive friend,  Don, His sisters...Wendy ...and Vicki.    His children, Marc and Jason and their precious children.  All the friends who loved him deeply and dearly.

The Cremation Jonathan requested, is taking place at 2:30 on Friday the 28th of this month , December 2018.  There will be no formal service.   A few of his dearest will gather together at the time of cremation.     

And anyone else, who ever knew dear Jonathan,  will be informed about a Celebration of Life, when that time arrives.

Thank you for your condolences on this page offered by Earth's Option, Chris and his wife, Susan, thank you for being so kind, patient and helpful

There is no formal obituary  here, nor a biography.  We were not prepared.   But he SHALL be celebrated, in a big way!    

Jonathan, you are loved beyond words.   We are together, all of us, in or out of bodies ~ our Souls are entwined.  WE ARE ALL ONE.  blessings to you all



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