Obituary of Maureen LAWRENCE

On Monday morning, October 1, 2018, Maureen Patricia Lawrence passed away. Maureen  was one of 3 children born to Else and James Holden. Maureen was born on august 22, 1942 Brandon Manitoba. Maureen was married to Barrie Lawrence and together they had 2 children Collin and Aaron .


Peter her brother recalled a couple funny childhood stories “One thing that comes to mind is how, when we lived in Minnesota, Maureen beat up a big kid when that kid tried to steal Halloween candy from Joanne and me” and another “There was also a funny Christmas story.  My Mom and Dad used to put a potato in our Christmas stockings as a punishment from Santa for all the bad things we did during the year. The stockings were hung by the chimney downstairs but would appear at the foot of our beds in the morning (as a method of delaying us and allowing Mom and Dad to slept in)  One year Maureen go a very large potato and so she threw it down the stairs, Thump! Thump! Thump! that got us all up!”


Joanne her sister recalled” “I remember she swam across Minnesota lake at 16, which awed me. She  threw the discus in track and field and was great at lots of sports she tackled UBC the year we moved to Vancouver. Barrie her husband was also her first and only boyfriend. Maureen loved to teach and her first teaching job was out at Cloverdale and she Loved her 2 boys so much.”


Maureen was a sharp intelligent lady who loved to read and correct my grammar as she was a teacher for the greater part of her life. She will be sorely missed by friends and family.   

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