Yogini, artist, musician

Reiki master, adventurer, traveller

Lover of nature – especially birds

Teacher, partner, companion

Mother, loving kindness 


In Marie’s own words:

“I live amongst Arbutus and fir trees, ravens, barred owls, eagles, and hummingbirds, not far from the Pacific ocean just outside of Victoria. I moved here from Boston amongst sugar maples and white pines, barred and great horned owls, not far from the Atlantic ocean. My heart is bi-coastal.


I am a student of Ancient Egyptian traditions, Aboriginal / Indigenous traditions, Tibetan Buddhist traditions, Hindu and Yogic traditions. I am blessed to work with Energy and assist others to hear their own guidance and truth.


I have two beautiful sons, one beautiful daughter in law, and one simply amazing grand daughter.”



Celebration of Life for Marie will be on the new moon of August.  Please click on service information to date, time and place.


Dress:As if you were coming to one of Marie’s yoga classes or drum circles.


Come and light a candle for Marie, drum for her and enjoy some of Beauregard’s delicious food.


Please RSVP to rick.ellis@telus.netif you will be joining us so we can plan food and logistics.


Rather than flowers, please make a donation to Hospice by clicking 'donations' in the left menu.