About Susan Benesch

Licensed Funeral Director

Susan Benesch

Susan Benesch is a licensed funeral director and has been working in the funeral services industry since 1986. She has a deep understanding of the legal requirements and documents involved in settling estates. Earth's Option was founded by Susan, and her husband Chris, in 2012.

Susan loves to help people. She spends her hours working tirelessly in the community and making things easier for those journeying through grief. Her goal, with every client, is to make funeral planning simple and easy to understand while fulfilling family wishes.

Professionally, Susan started in financial services doing financial planning. In the course of this work, Susan developed quite a passion for estate planning, assigning executor & power of attorney, and wills. As such, she became a specialist in understanding legal documents and simplifying the process many families struggle with during loss.

Her unique abilities propelled her into management and advisory positions at major banks in both Alberta and then BC. Often, Susan will provide training to estate planning professionals, financial planners, and funeral directors. She is a capable speaker that is accustomed to running workshops with large groups.

Titles and positions don't matter much to Susan though. Her true passion is changing people's lives for the better.

This is evidenced by her volunteer involvement in the community and abroad. Some of her personal highlights include:

  • Operates the Victoria Risky Genes non-profit organization. http://riskygenes.org/

  • Volunteers with Operation Christmas Child and previously sat on the Board of Directors.

  • Alumna of the Board of Directors for Family Caregivers of British Columbia.

  • Volunteers annually with Victoria Soup Sisters, who in turn support the Victoria Women's Transition House. http://www.soupsisters.org/victoria.php

​As if this wasn't enough, Susan is in the process of creating a new non-profit organization in Haiti. Its mission is to build facilities for schools in Haiti. These facilities will help educate and serve children so that generations of kids will be able to escape from poverty and addiction.

“Life is short. Create memories that last beyond.”

- Susan Benesch

In her “off” time, Susan likes to hike or spend time at the beach. You will also catch her traveling the world (for both work and play), where she enjoys experiencing the culture and seeing new places.

Should you be facing a loss or simply want to talk about funeral services, please reach out to Susan at Earth's Option. She can be reached anytime (24/7) 778-440-8500.