About Chris Benesch

Licensed Funeral Director & Embalmer

Chris Benesch Owner of Earth's OptionChris Benesch has been working in the funeral services industry since 1986. He is a second generation licensed funeral director and embalmer, having apprenticed by his father. Earth's Option was founded by Chris, and his wife Susan, in 2012.

Chris possesses a deep passion for helping people through the grief of loss and by providing green options for those who have passed away.

Throughout his career, Chris has held various leadership positions in Provincial regulatory bodies and funeral associations. These positions have enabled him to lead important changes to the funeral services industry that provide more options to families. These improvements include encouraging the use of green burials and providing grief counseling resources to name a few.

Some of his professional highlights include:

  • Serving on the BC Funeral Association board of directors.
  • Serving two terms on municipal council in his hometown of Barrhead, AB.
  • Granted membership into the British Institute of Embalmers in the U.K.

Most recently, Chris has been working on legalizing Bio-Cremation (“Alkaline Hydrolysis”) in British Columbia. He has personally approached legislators and governing bodies to have this environmentally friendly cremation method recognized in BC. Chris is assisting in the drafting of new regulations of how the cremation laws could look if they included Bio-Cremation.

With the support of the Solicitor General, BC Funeral Association, and Consumer Protection Agency Chris is optimistic that Bio-Cremation will be available in BC in the not too distant future.

Chris is one of the foremost experts in BC on Bio-Cremation. He has attended symposium's across North America to explore this new cremation technique. Ask him about it, he'll be happy to explain as much (or as little) as you want to hear!

Outside of work, Chris enjoys camping and traveling the world – always looking for a new place to explore.

Should you be facing a loss or simply want to talk about death care services, please reach out to Chris at Earth's Option. He can be reached anytime (24/7) 778-440-8500.