Isaac was born on Feb 1, 2001, to Cheryl Love and Colman Herrington. He was loved by many – his supportive grandparents, his parents Cheryl and Graeme Love, and a loving extended family and friends. In 2013, Isaac’s family grew to include a little sister, Ella. Isaac and Ella developed a very strong and close bond. Isaac attended Esquimalt High School and was active in the sport community.

From a young age Isaac was the type of kid that would lend his voice and his strength to others. He maintained this practice throughout his life. He had a love of sports and began playing football at a young age. Isaac was too much of a gentle giant for football and quickly turned his energy to basketball. He enjoyed basketball immensely and developed a very close knit group of friends through his love of the sport. Within this group his tall stature and nimble moves earned him the nickname Vanilla Thunder. Isaac brought joy to many people with his infectious laughter and wide grin. Isaac embraced his natural charm and fashion sense, especially concerning his majestic pompadour hair style. He had a compassionate approach to life and took time to care for others. He enjoyed being outside and camping with his family.

Isaac left this world too soon on November 19th, 2017. He left us all with wonderful memories and broken hearts. His Celebration of Life will be open to all.

The Celebration of Life will be at Esquimalt High School at 11 am on Sunday, Dec. 3rd, 2017. In lieu of flowers the family has requested donations to Esquimalt High School to support their athletic programs. Donations can be made online or by mail directly to Esquimalt High School, or a donation box will be available at the Celebration of Life.

Esquimalt High School

847 Colville Road

Victoria, BC

V9A 4N9